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Licensed Home Inspector in Lee, New Hampshire

Radon Testing, Water Testing, Pest Inspection, HVAC,
Septic Inspection, Plumbing & Electrical Inspections.

When you need a Home Inspection, Why not choose one that Realtors use and refer their family members to. Yes, that would be us! Don't settle for checklists/handwritten reports. Have a room by room, computer printout, report that details the home you want to make your own.

Serving clients across Lee, Londonderry, Wolfeboro, Wakefield and the surrounding areas.

about Drougas Inspections LLC

Purchasing a home is like nothing else you've ever done!

You work with more people (Seller's Realtor, Your Realtor, Mortgage Broker, Attorney, Appraiser, just to name a few.) You will sign so many papers, you will think you are famous. You will calculate your income and budget in more...

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Just a phone call or e-mail is all it takes to find out. To make it easier for you, all tests can be scheduled by us as well. So go with an inspector team that not only knows about the home you want but understands what you need to get it.


Wood Destroying Insects

Wood destroying insects & organisms can do just that, destroy a home. While not generally a health issue, it is environmental. There are three common insects that do not know the difference between a house and a tree. Carpenter ants, Termites and Powder Post Beetles will all do damage to a home.

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