Why Choose Us?

  • I have 22 years of inspection experience.

    Not "combined" with other inspectors or other fields. My Inspector Ryan has 7 years of experience with my company and the rest of his life in construction!

  • We love what we do.

    That allows us to be honest and straightforward. We are not about how much money we can make off you. There are items I have talked people out of when we could not assure them the test could be done properly. We "altered" our prices in situations that we felt our client deserved some relief.

  • We don't take your payment and run.

    We invite all of our clients to call us anytime with questions about their house. It is common to hear from past clients months and years later. Asking about projects they want to take on, or questions about what some professionals are claiming they need to do.

  • We are very detailed.

    Often reporting which wall receptacle is working off which switch when possible. We have most information in our reports that we know has nothing to do with the real estate transaction. The report has a lot of information about better ways of doing something already done, or additional features to help maintain the house.

  • We know our place in the Real estate transaction.

    We tell you the facts. Explain the condition of the home. Then let you and your realtor do the wheeling and dealing. We are always available for questions; however, we know it is none of our business to say who should be fixing what.

  • Our reports are detailed.

    They have rave reviews as to how easy they are to read. No checklists of Good, Fair, Poor. Just real words describing what we found. Loaded with photos. Sectioned into each area of the building, so you know where the issue is. Easy to access PDF file.

  • Because we are house geeks.

    We love taking classes on updated fields. We read up on aspects of building practices. I even joke that I'm hundreds of years old, so I know what all those weird things are in old homes!