Why can't I do the Inspection myself?

Author: Mock Webware |

Chances are that even if you are very familiar with home construction, you still don't have the knowledge, training and experience of a professional Home Inspector. We inspect hundreds of homes every year. We are not only familiar with all the systems of a home, and how they work and need to be maintained, but we also know what to look for to tell you about potential problems. But beyond the technical expertise and experience a professional inspector brings, it is important to remember that the inspector remains an impartial third party. If you are involved in buying or selling a house, it's impossible for you to remain completely unemotional about the house, and this may cloud your judgment. The professional inspector will provide an objective reporting of the facts. In this way you can decide where your furniture is going, which closet is yours or where the workshop, art room or music room is going. Then there is the point that the State of New Hampshire requires a Home Inspector to be licensed with the State.


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